About the people behind the photographs

To immerse yourself in a wild place for months at a time, is an enterpise few are able to undertake. To fight with inclement weather, eat dry food for weeks, carry heavy equipment over strainous terrain and sit still for hours in a spot waiting for the unusual, is part of the job of a nature photographer.

But then, when the sun finally breaks through the clouds and hundreds of caribous are crossing your path or a wolf appears just meters away, all the adversities are forgotten.

This specific moment becomes even more meaningful, when you are able to reach out to an audience and tell a story, that can change the fate of an endangered ecosystem.

For the past 15 years, documenting wild ecosystems in support of conservation campaigns has been the commitment of Visions of the Wild. Working closely with dedicated organizations, researchers, writers and advocates is how Florian and Emil have built a strong foundation for their conservation photography work.



Born in Germany, Florian Schulz (33) is a professional nature and wildlife photographer with a strong conservation vision. In constant search for breathtaking images, Florian hopes to inspire individuals to take action in the protection of endangered ecosystems and wilderness areas.

As part of his Freedom to Roam project Schulz has dedicated years of his life to documenting the drama and beauty of North America’s most critical wildlife corridor: “Yellowstone to Yukon”. Sponsored by Braided River, his first book —Yellowstone to Yukon: Freedom to Roam (2005)—received the Independent Book Publisher Award:“ Outstanding Books of the Year ”, singled out as “Most Likely to Save the Planet.”

Images were carefully selected from his book to produce a traveling exhibit curated by the Burke Museum of Seattle. The show later traveled to Chicago`s Field Musuem as a 6 month solo exhibit. Schulz’s photography has also been displayed in museums such as the Smithsonian and the American Museum of Natural History. Read more>>



Born in Mexico City, Emil (27) has concentrated her music, film and photography interest for the past 8 years to help produce high-end multimedia presentations. Her passion is promoting important conservation efforts through visual storytelling.

Together with Florian, Emil has embarked on many expeditions to remote locations across North America. Even though she grew up in one of the biggest cities in the world, she has a unique sensibility for wild creatures, keen observation skills and a quite casual and unafraid approach to immersing herself into the wild.

Leading a quite international lifestyle Emil has become fluent in English and German. She can be a social butterfly in the city and sit silently for hours in a blind to wait for wildlife. Over the years Emil has become a real multi-tasker-do-it-all. From assisting in the field, to editing in the office, meetings at conferences and the production of sound and HD video. Read More>>