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The new Nikon D600 – a first look

Posted by Florian – September 14, 2012

Over the years I have specialized in documenting the natural world in all its diversity, shooting landscapes, to aerials, to intimate portraits of wildlife. I often get asked the difficult question what single camera I could recommend for a nature photographer. I now would not hesitate to name the new D600 because of its versatility.


In nature photography weight often matters and with the D600 you have the finest Nikon technology in a compact light-weight, yet robust FULL FRAME camera body, that delivers incredible images. With 24mp, fast AF, 5.5 frames/sec. and fantastic high ISO capabilities it has met the golden mean. It allows the photographer to use the beautiful array of super wide-angles like the 14-24 while it still lets you auto-focus at F8 with my most favorite wildlife lens: the 200 – 400mm bringing it to a 800mm super-telephoto. The image quality of the high resolution 24mp sensor is breathtaking; but  beware as this camera will challenge you as it does not compromise any mistakes in your photography technics like the slightest off-focus or camera shake.

The versatility of the camera does not end on the photography side. It delivers fantastic HD video files, lets you AF while filming. You can also monitor your take on a fantastic 3.2 inch LCD, that still allows you to see the image at extreme steep angles. With the full frame sensor you can be filming with a cine-look through the use of shallow depth of field, while the light weight body design can be easier put on camera cranes and magic arms. I love creating multimedia presentations and for that the new time-lapse feature is a handy little gismo.

A long exposure at night, allows Florian to capture the movement of the waves under moonlight with the new Nikon D600.


Never before has there been such a compact camera that is loaded with with so many fantastic features. Now there are no limits to your creativity. The D600 is a true all-rounder.

Florian photographs the rising sun at Bryce Canyon using the new Nikon D600.


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  • raz

    on October 1, 2012 at 6:04 am

    Hi Florian, I loved your video for d600. I went out and got the camera. I am shoooting since I am young and only recently I gave up on my mamiya 7. So hopefully the new 24 and d600 will replace my M7 + 43.

    What crane did you use? I am going in a cycling expedition and I wanna improvise one as well….

    Many many thanks

  • Florian

    on October 1, 2012 at 7:37 am

    Very cool you already are working with the D600. I think it is a great piece of equipments and great for a bike expedition since it is a light and compact FX body.
    About the crane: we used the ABC Minicrane 520

    You find more about ABC-Products here:

    Now we have also bought the Speedy Crane 6. It is for a bit heavier cameras and can be extende even longer but is very light. But like you see in the D600 film the Minicrane 520 has plenty of reach and is extremely light and not very big.

  • Raz

    on October 2, 2012 at 1:34 am

    Thank you! Very helpful – not sure I can carry extra 5kilos for the crane but definetly will keep in mind your lens advice! Keep up the good work! Raz

  • Freddie

    on October 26, 2012 at 3:08 am

    Hi Florian, the video you guys made with the Nikon D600 amazed me!!! I was just wondering if you were using the clean HDMI option to record the footage uncompressed, and if yes, did you use the Ninja 2 or something else? If you did use an external recorder, did you have a problem with having a black frame around the image and actually 95% size of the full HD resolution, as is apparently the case with the Ninja 2? If you did, could you please comment on that and let us know how to deal with this issue.

    Many many thanks and keep up the excellent work!


  • Sandroo

    on December 31, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    Wendy Talbert – Awesome shots! Jenn’s photography simlpy never ceases to amaze me. My favorites are the 1st guitar shot & the ones w/ Gabe’s black shirt against the green background. Wish I’d had such cool-looking senior pics.

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