CaribouCrossing   Denali National Park   Alaska river formations   Horned Guan  
Caribou Migration   Denali National Park   Hidden Nature   Clouded Forest in Mexico  
During the summer, thousands of caribou make their way across the Alaskan Arctic plains. In their path they cross powerful rivers and steep mountains to reach the arctic ocean. This gallery contains images from different caribou herds like the Western Arctic Herd, the Porcupine Caribou Herd and the Central Arctic Herd.   Denali represents a unique sanctuary for wildlife in the interior of Alaska. Sadly, this is the only place that still holds a romantic vision of what Alaska used to be. The state still allows aerial wolf hunting and trapping, as long as it is outside park boundaries. Denali is the only place in interior Alaska where humans can experience wolves at close range.   Images with unique perspectives and strange forms found in nature. Photographs with abstract patterns, contours, forms, motion and colors are strong features in this collection.   Photographs collected in this gallery depict the diversity of El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, in the heart of the Chiapas clouded forest, in Mexico. This images where documented during the first RAVE (Rapid Visual Assessment Expedition) Pictures portraying the magnificent Resplendent Quetzal and the endemic Horned Guan.  
Murres over ice water  



Peruvian Amazon


Glacier National Park


Birders World


Under the African Sun


Peruvian Amazon


Northern Landscapes

Images of birds at nesting sites, at the edge of cliffs, flocks migrating, birds swimming, calling and singing. An photography collection fully dedicated to our wild winged fellows and those who are in love with birds.   An image collection of african landscapes displaying the interesting forms and colors of the Namib desert where red sandy dunes form body lines and bizarre fatamoganas. A gallery with images where lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants and an abundance of wildlife roam the savanna.  

An expedition into the Peruvian Amazon. Spending hours at the time sitting on a platform above the canopy offered Florian Schulz intimate encounters and great photographs of howler monkeys, giant river otters, birds and other interesting wildlife particular to the rainforest.

  A collection of images portraying the beauty and wildness of remote locations in North America. From the Rocky Mountains, to the shores of Olympic National Park, the Katamai Coast and Southeast Alaska combined with wildlife in the landscape.  







Flathead Valley Panoramic

        Panoramic Landscapes  
            Images evoking the grandness of wild landscapes from the vast Rocky Mountains to the Pacific coast. Recording the world under panoramic format has been keen to show the vastness of some of the most wild places in North America. Images of the Canadian Rockies, Alaska, Baja California, Glacier, Yellowstone National Park and more.  

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