Photography Exhibit "To the Arctic" - Anchorage Museum, Alaska.


Florian SchulzAlthough the common perception of the Arctic is that it is a vast nothingness, Florian Schulz’s photographs reveal a world teeming with life amidst complex natural systems — systems that fuel our global economy and affect our health and environment.

An award-winning wildlife photographer, Schulz photographs throughout the circumpolar North, from Alaska to Canada, Greenland and Norway. To capture these images, he and his crew endure subfreezing temperatures, camping on ice sheets, diving beneath icebergs, and riding on dogsleds.

His photographs reveal the vast scale of the Arctic plain, which is host to migrating birds from around the globe, as well as the yearly migration of thousands of caribou. They also expose how the loss of polar ice and snow is dramatically altering the fabric of Arctic life on land and sea.

Now on view through Nov 01, 2015.






Florian Schulz - On assignment for Nikon: two brothers "CHASING THE LIGHT" with the new Nikon D600


Florian SchulzAbout a year ago I received an intriguing e-mail from Nikon Tokyo asking me if I would have the time to participate in a special project. Little idea did I have that a few months later I would have the honor to be the first photographer to shoot the new Nikon D600 in the field. From the beginning it was clear to me that I wanted to create a powerful video along with the images and asked my brother Salomon Schulz, who specializes in filmmaking, to be part of the team to create the official Nikon D600 Movie.

Florian SchulzLooking at the specs of the D600, we realized this was an extremely versatile camera. That is the reason why we wanted to test the camera shooting landscapes and wildlife, from the desserts of the South West to the mountains of Alaska, and that in winter time.

"For me photography is a passion that goes far beyond the technical aspects of a camera. It is about experiencing the natural world. The camera is the best excuse to get out there and be in tune with nature".- FS 

In "CHASING THE LIGHT" we wanted to get the feeling across why we love what we do so much and do it in a way that everybody who likes nature photography would see themselves in it and say: It is about time I am getting out into the field again. I hope this film does this for you!




Florian will be on speaking tour March 6th - March 25th.


Florian SchulzFlorian is on tour with his recently released book "To The Arctic"! Don't miss this great opportunity to hear amazing stories of Florian’s personal encounters with Arctic wildlife - from the dangers of camping in polar bear country, to the emotional story of a lost caribou calf. Together, Florian’s passionate accounts and dramatic images tell the story of an Arctic that is facing very real threats – a place that only we can protect. Check dates and locations here>>




Official companion book to the IMAX movie "TO THE ARCTIC 3D"



Florian SchulzAfter 18 intense months of documenting the arctic, photographer Florian Schulz returns with a stunning collection of extraordinary photographs and fascinating stories revealing an arctic environment few have ever seen. Enduring subfreezing temperatures, camping in polar bear habitat and diving beneath icebergs, Florian shares his personal accounts and breath-taking images in the recently released book "To The Arctic" (Braided River Books).

For this major undertaking Florian journeyed more than twenty five hundred miles on snow machines, traveled in traditional ways with Inuit guides and their sled dogs for hundreds of miles, visited Inuit communities from Point Hope, in Alaska to Qaanaaq in Greenland; dove and snorkeled in the Arctic Ocean; spent over one hundred hours photographing from airplanes; rafted down arctic rivers; camped among tens of thousands of migrating caribou and accompanied the MacGillivray Freeman Films team on an ice-going vessel in search of the polar bear.

"...As the photographs of this book guide you through the arc of a year, I sincerely hope that you will marvel at the incredible diversity, richness and value of this part of our planet. Perhaps if a certain image makes you pause, you will close your eyes and let your imagination wander to this mysterious, faraway place. You may fall in love with it, as I did. You may also sense, however, that underlying every image is a certain urgency- to look, to pay attention, to care.- Florian Schulz"

Companion to the upcoming movie "To The Arctic 3D", the book includes some of the most extraordinary photographs of a mother polar bear and her two cubs, surviving in the pack ice over the Arctic Ocean.



Visions of the Wild is the website of nature photographer Florian Schulz. For more than a decade Florian Schulz has immersed himself in the natural world following his passion for photography and conservation. Emil Herrera-Schulz, who shares in the same passion, joined him in 2001. The results of their efforts are not only breathtaking images and stories from the wild, but also entire conservation campaigns such as their Freedom to Roam project focusing on the creation of wildlife corridors.

It is Florian and Emil’s belief that visuals can dramatically further such conservation efforts. They will continue to pursue their dream to its fruition: the creation of the first “National Corridor.” Freedom to Roam Project Logo

Florian’s strong desire to document entire ecosystems and convey a true sense of place demands his complete immergence in the field, often spending months at a time in the course of adventurous expeditions. Emil is frequently part of such expeditions, where she captures video and natural sound for their stunning multimedia productions.

Visions of the Wild provides a window into the natural world where one will witness nature as very few people have ever seen it before. In the images you will see Florian’s artistic eye. Through the text you will feel Florian and Emil’s passion for the wild places where wildlife still has the freedom to roam.



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