In his first Freedom to Roam project on Yellowstone to Yukon (Y2Y), Florian has focused his efforts on a region that is considered one of the last largely intact mountain ecosystems in the world. From Yellowstone National Park in the south, the broad expanse of land follows the spine of the continent all the way to the Yukon Territory. Not only is the region a stronghold for many carnivores and other large mammals in the continent, but Y2Y also serves as a model for large-scale landscape connectivity worldwide.

Building on the existing Parks and other protected areas, the challenge is now to preserve a interconnected web of life so that wildlife continues to have the freedom to roam.

This ambitious plan can only be achieved in a huge collaborative effort where private citizens, government representatives, NGOs, scientists, conservationists and the different Native American and First Nation tribes come together.

In this large alliance, Florian has played a key role by creating a visual conservation campaign to promote the Yellowstone to Yukon vision and to ensure the ecological health and integrity of this magnificent mountain landscape.

Listen to Florian speak about his project Freedom to Roam project and the Yellowstone to Yukon wildlife corridor on radio button BBC The World with Lisa Mullins and at radio button National Geographic Weekend with Boyd Matson.



On the basis of the award-winning book “Yellowstone to Yukon – Freedom to Roam” published by Braided River, Florian was able to promote this huge conservation effort through touring exhibits, magazine and newspaper articles, lectures and interviews. In the face of climate change promoting the idea of wildlife corridors becomes even more important.

“My dream is to help create the first 'National Corridor'. America created Yellowstone as the first National Park - now it is essential that we connect the parks to preserve their vitality and allow wildilfe to follow their natural routes. If we are succesful here, the idea of National Corrdiros could spread around the world“. – Florian Schulz

Since the publication of Yellowstone to Yukon in 2005 over 50 presentations across the United States, Canada and Europe have been delivered. Such presentations are much more then a simple lecture. They are carefully produced pieces that are comprised of suspenseful stories, superb photography, natural sounds and beautifully orchestrated sequences of images that let you relive moments in the wild. Combining the art of photography with powerful stories allows Florian to make a compelling case for Y2Y.

Events have been hosted in collaboration with multiple partners. Amongst them are many NGOs, Universities, Colleges, Museums, Libraries, Festivals and Clubs. If you are interested in hosting Schulz`s exhibit or are interested in a presentation please do not hesitate to contact us. To read about Florian speaking engagements and what people are saying about his work, go to the speaker page.